Youthful looking skin as I hit middle age

I suffered from acne, discoloration and pores during my adult years.  I have tried prescribed medicated cream and pill, chemical peel and other treatments but my skin problem would persist until I started going to Marjan 3 years ago.  Marjan’s depth of knowledge and expertise has helped me to maintain a youthful looking skin as I hit middle age.  What I like most about Marjan is her great sense of eye that she is able to customize different skincare treatments depending on your age and other external factors like skin type, air quality and other weather changing environment that can affect your skin.  With a balance of going to Marjan regularly and the use of good skincare products; for the first time my skin has maintained a well balanced look and feel through out the years.  I no longer have oily skin in the summer, dry skin in the winter, my discoloration is lighting up and not to mention my acne is under controlled.  I would highly recommend Marjan to anyone who would like to have healthy looking skin.

– Elaine C